The predominant services Mark and Dave Traut’s customers looked for at the time the cousins opened their business in 1982 were home and irrigation services. They also did commercial and municipal work from the start, a small part of their business. That all changed in 2015, when commercial and municipal work nearly tripled.

Angle Wells

State-of-the-art drilling rigs can angle drill at 15 degrees. These directional drills have the capability to reach well depths that cannot be reached with a more common vertical well.

Dual Rotary Drilling Equipment

In 1999, Traut Companies became, the first and only drilling company in the State of Minnesota, to use Dual Rotary drilling equipment.

Its benefits are many. It combines the desired qualities of ‘50’s technology, Cable Tool Rig, the speed of a Mud Rotary Rig, and the ability to drill large commercial wells on small sites – without the use of mud. This method produces nice, straight bore holes, and high quality drill-cutting samples.

Other capabilities of Dual Rotary Drilling

Dual rotary rigs drill and case simultaneously through difficult formations without the use of casing hammers, under-reamers, or drilling mud. They offer superior well development with dual wall pipe.

They can drill through large boulders, lost circulation zones, heaving sands, and unstable foundations.

They can also:

  • drill and drive pipe (Cable Tool method)
  • drill with air or clear water
  • produce great soil sample resolution
  • drill straight holes in difficult geology
  • have angle drilling capability
  • handle old well excavation (i.e., overshot drilling)
  • eliminate cross-contamination of aquifers

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