Let us, Traut Companies, bring quality water into your life.

Just give us a call at 320-251-5090 and we’ll set up a time to come to your home and do a free field test of your water, or you can bring your sample to us! This important analysis will help us recommend the best possible water treatment system to fit your specific needs.

Wishing you had luxuriously soft water, that lathers and won’t leave a scaly residue on your plumbing fixtures? We have the right water softener for any job.

Considering building a new home? Let Traut Companies help you find water before you purchase your new lot. If you need a new well, service for an existing well, or a lawn irrigation system we can help with that too!

If the temperature extremes have you worried about your next heating or cooling bill, a geo-thermal system may be the answer. It can provide constant comfort by tapping into the consistent temperature below the earth’s surface. Ask the experts at Traut Companies for more information.

Whether you have city water or a private well, we’re committed to providing the best possible water supply!